DATE                                  LEADER/S


Wednesday     30th November 2022     Mike and Maggie Downes


Sunday     11th December 2022     Peter Dunkley


Thursday     22nd December 2022     Ian Stone


Monday     2nd January 2023     Vacant


Friday     13th January 2023     John Anderson


Tuesday     24th January 2023     Richard and Jan Punnett


Saturday    4th February 2023     John Briggs


Wednesday     15th February 2023     Rosemary Illidge


Sunday     26th February 2023     Bridget Thomas and Penny Rockingham-Gill


Thursday     9th March 2023     Jan and Derek Delaney


Monday     20th March 2023     Kevin Cooke


Friday     31st March 2023     Mike Williams and Jill Slade


Tuesday     11th April 2023     Andy Wadsley


Saturday     22nd April 2023     Celia and Clive Tong