The small print

Tenbury Rambling Club Rules

(1) One person will act as leader for each walk and if required the leader will appoint a back stop.
(2) All members must keep to the official rights of way and do nothing to harm or litter the countryside.
(3) Dogs are not allowed on club walks.
(4) All club activities are undertaken entirely at the member’s own risk, neither the Club nor any of its Officers are liable for damages or injury resulting from their decisions.
(5) Suitable clothing and footwear must be worn on walks.
(6) For safety reasons members are requested not to walk ahead of the leader.
(7) Guests of members are invited to walk with the club on payment of the day rate and must abide by the terms set out in this constitution. Their conduct is the responsibility of the member inviting them.
(8) Participants, who are under the legal age of responsibility, must be accompanied by an adult member who will have full responsibility for them whilst on a club organised event.